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Nursery League season  2015/16 season
After 10 trials the nursery league winner is Bevis Jordan with Angel with 39 points.

2Emma Gray with Jamie 38 points
3Emma Gray with Fred 32
4David Henderson with Fen 26
5Michael Davidson with Corrie 20
Peter Telfer with Kettle 12
Emma Gray with Hoggy 12
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Open league results for 2015
1Paul Turnbull with Mik 48 points
2Paul Turnbull with Glen 34
3Michael Davidson with Groesfaen Taff 28
4Tony Iley with Boo 22
5Bevis Jordan with Sage 22
6Bevis Jordan with Pearl 20...
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Nursery league results for 2014/15 season
Nursery league winner is David Henderson with Burndale Gwen with 45points

2Colin Balmbro with Chip 35 points
3Michael Davidson with Linburn Phil 29
4Bevis Jordan with Dallas 24
5Bevis Jordan with Bear 23
6Tony Iley with Boo 21...
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