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Nursery season 2017/2018
Nursery league placings
1Bevis Jordan Burndale Cis 31 points
2David Henderson Burndale Storm 28
3Keith Preston Scruff 27
4Paul Turnbull Chip 22
5Peter Telfer Telf Jill 22
6David Henderson Burndale Sleet 16

Best new handler Susan Pearson Hettie
Best Novice Carl Smith Rob
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eye testing
Eye testing available at Morris and Plumbly vets at Alnwick on 22nd February ....
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Open league 2017
Open season results 2017
1Keith Preston. Roy. 40 points
2Emma Gray Jamie. 35
3Bevis Jordan Bozo 33
4Bevis Jordan Angel 23
5Jonjo Pattinson Boo 19
6Colin Balmbro Scott 18 ...
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