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Northumberland Sheepdog Trials League Rules
Northumberland Sheepdog Trials League Rules
agreed at Annual General Meeting 21 February 2022

1. To be eligible to join the Northumberland Open Sheepdog Trials League (Open League) and the Northumberland Nursery Sheepdog Trials League (Nursery League), Handlers must be resident in Northumberland.
2. Handlers who join the Open League wil...
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Nursery season 2021/2022
1David Henderson Burndale Mia 41 points
2Michael Davidson Heather 35
3Bevis Jordan Trefynor Solo 31
4Bevis Jordan Flake 29
5Michael Davidson Meg 18
6David Henderson Burndale Joe 16 (Championship Winner)

Best Novice Ruth Mitcheson Belle
Best New Handler Frances Sheehan Tess...
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Open League 2021
After 21 open trials
1Colin Balmbro with Liz 63 points
2Bevis Jordan with Bozo 48
3Michael Davidson with Angus 22
4David Henderson with Burndale Star 21
5David Henderson with Jewel 20
6Peter Telfer Jill 18
Best Novice Claudia Pattinson with Jean
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